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What have I got?

Thanks Cajun Bass and Baba Louie for your informative help!
I have found out that Colt MFG. has and does make "special" runs for a lot of their guns. For example, distributors, the FBI, police organizations, elite military groups, etc.
Colt will make "special runs" of custom guns of at least 25 guns and the "special run" prices these days can be $40K+ for the run depending on what is requested. So actually, a python is not just a python at all.
I inherited this gun from my dad. He got it from a military group of vets he belonged to. He was a decorated Navy Grumman TBF Avenger Radioman/Belly Gunner in the Pacific during WWII.
This group formed in '42 and met at a reunion every 5 years. I think that this gun was made for their 35th reunion, '42-'78. I will check with the Colt MFG. Historian. They will authenticate and tell me who, where and how many were shipped, for a fee.
Thanks again for your kind words and valuable information.
For the other responses that are obviously suffering from Faecal Encephalopathy, thanks anyway!
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