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Originally Posted by JamesK
It did for an Archduke and started a World War. Pretty lethal, that.
That was actually a .32ACP out of a FN 1910, not a .380ACP.

Considering the .32 is seen as even weaker than the .380, it took out a third rate member of royalty, kicked off a world war that itself killed well over 10 million people, gave the Bolsheviks in Russia enough support to topple the Tsars, produced a "peace" that set things up for round II less than twenty years later complete with the Holocaust (between WWII and the Holocaust we're probably talking somewhere in the 50-70 million fatality range), and none of this is even considering assorted purges in communist nations (remember, that all got started with the Bolsheviks- take that away and the world may have never seen a flat out communist government), well, that's some pretty impressive killing power out of a mouse gun cartridge.

The catch is, these rounds (.32, .380, etc.) aren't death rays, and although they can cause a whole heap of trouble, they may or may not stop someone from causing further harm.

It will work great on people who want to not get shot (or get shot again) more than they want to cause harm. If somebody is whacked out on something, then even the more powerful handgun rounds may be found wanting.
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