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The Python may be the holy grail but it's too expensive for me to justify as a range/carry gun; ditto anything with "papers"...
Its not the holy grail. I explained why.

Oh man, just when the vote is starting to tilt towards the 66, another vote for the KC comes in...
As I said, for general use, its heavier and bigger. Its not of better quality, and doesn't do anything the smaller handier 66 can't do. The 66 is also cheaper in general.

Current prices currently available to me (for a like new gun) are circa $800 for a 66 P&R and circa $1200-1300 for a KC... just in case the price should influence the vote. I'm not too concerned about that price delta if the KC is felt to be a better shooting classic
Thats way too much for either. Shop around more. A nice 66 can be had for $500 and a King Cobra for under $800.
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