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I consider myself fortunate to be able to take a class at least every other month. For the past few years I've tried to train with as many different companies and instructors as I can ... sort of a "tactical survey" of what is out there, so to speak.

This has been illuminating but also frustrating. Having spent considerable time trying to work every various or alternate technique, to the point where I think I am familiar enough to have an informed opinion about them ... I've become "not really that good at anything".

My focus now is settle into a less aggressive training schedule with instructors and schools I've come to like, and aggressively practice ONLY those subset of techniques I've grown to trust as being "better for me".

Monthly, I manage one or two range trips, often to an uncontrolled range where I can do anything I want, subject only to how many people are there and how cooperative we can be with each other.

My main focus is always pistol, because that's the far more likely tool I'll have available at any given time. I practice draws almost exclusive at home with an unloaded gun. Range time is spent trying different target combinations and distances, trying to improve mostly my ability to shoot well while moving as quickly as possible.
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