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Last nite I start working to mount the base on the carcano action.
Bore sight on I position and clamp the scoped mount on the action and once aligned I mark the first hole; drill and tap and tight the first screw.
Verify alignement, adjust by temporary lengthen the supporting pin under the front ring till touching the front bridge to mantain alignement ( later i will build the pin properly by having weld a small ammount of metal ) and drill and tap a second hole.
The base is temporary set maintaining the allignement but not properly mate to the action, the mauser side wall shape more vertical and the carcano is more round the best way I know to mate it to the action is to fill the gap with arcagel.... so this morning after coating the base and the action and screws with release agent I used arcagel tinted black, set the 2 screws reverify alignement ok and left for work.
To nite I will separate, clean the metal and polish the arcaglas wedge and make the 2 remaining holes.
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