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Would this be considered to be a real firearm?

Yesterday evening I was at my favorite watering hole,,,
I was chatting with an acquaintance about our first firearms.

I told him my first firearm was a muzzle loading rifle ala Davy Crockett,,,
This would have been around 1955-56

You stuffed a cork ball down the barrel with the ramrod,,,
Then you raised the "frizzen" and placed one paper cap under it,,,
After cocking the hammer you pulled the trigger which hit the frizzen igniting the cap.

There was a small hole going into the barrel,,,
The force of the cap sent the cork ball across our living room,,,
The Davy Crockett set came with a coonskin cap, a cork firing pistol, and a plastic knife with sheath.

In 1966-67 I went to Six Flags Over Texas,,,
I purchased a key-chain with a small pirate pistol,,,
It came with three plastic bullets and used "Greenie Stickem Caps".

That pistol worked the same way,,,
Put a cap over the touch hole to propel the bullet.

We were both discussing whether these toys would/could be called a firearm or not,,,
My point was that an explosive charge propelled the bullet from the gun,,,
That in and of itself would/could class it as an actual firearm.

As tight as the BATF makes their interpretations these days,,,
How do you think they would rule on this?


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