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As to the "Holy Grail" of 357s, the Python is up there, but too common. The "Holy Grail" would have to be an original S&W Registered Magnum
Ya I meant to say that earlier. The RM is certainly the holy grail for being the first 357, it was a total custom gun, rare, valuable, collectible, sought after, as well being a cut above the rest as far as quality. The reason why people say "Python is the holy grail" is because thats what they know. A RM is in a different collector class and between their rarity and value, most people don't get to own one or shoot "uncle billy's" RM whereas Uncle Billy may have 2 Pythons. I myself am hopeful to own a RM someday.

Anyways, between the S&W 66 and the King Cobra, get the snake. Unless you plan to shoot the daylights out of it. I have fired only one King Cobra, years ago, but when the Pythons are all in museums the KCs will be their successors. I believe the actions are almost as smooth, but not quite as delicate as a Python.
The King Cobra will cost more, but offer little to no advantage. If you get one for a good price ($600 or below) thats one thing, but thats hard to do. I've never owned one and I've never really found an affordable KC. The 66 is smaller and lighter and more useful. You had mentioned that the gun will be carried. Also keep in mind that the KC was a duty gun, more or less like a Colt Trooper in SS which competed with the 686. The Python was more of a deluxe revolver, like a S&W 27.

I'm looking at a 66 identical to yours except the grips completely encase the handle except for the top back strap and and wood curves around to meet the trigger guard.
The grips on mine, which show the entire grip frame are known as "magnas" and the grips you speak of are often called "target" grips but occasionally called "presentation" although realy presentation grips are completely smooth and not often seen. You could have had the gun with either type. I prefer the magnas, but some people like target grips better.
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