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The .380 is a decent round. Considered by most (including me) to be the minimum SD caliber. Assuming good shot placement for both, a more powerful cartridge is always a better option for quickly stopping an attack. However, the smaller caliber allows for a smaller delivery platform that is easier to conceal. If used in the same size platform as a larger caliber, it has less recoil and allows for higher ammo capacity. You will sacrifice kinetic energy and/or velocity though. It is like most other things in life there are pros and cons to selecting a caliber for a gun.

Relatively speaking, it's a better SD round than a .22lr, .22mag, .25acp and .32acp which until about a decade ago were the calibers usually found in pocket pistols. Depending on the particular selection it can even out perform some 9mm Makarov (old Soviet 9x18mm cartridge).
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