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In my case, I asked if a 1911 were series 70 or 80. Answer: I've got no clue.

So next, I said, What is the serial number, so I can find out?

Answer: It's in the ad description (plus some snarky comments about X meaning a number in each of the last three digits).

Problem: SN was not in description or title, and could not be seen in photo.

Based on some other characteristics, and after asking a gunsmith friend, I determined it was a Series 80. I emailed the seller to let him know what he was selling, and I let him know that his style of communication was not encouraging a sale.

He went off.

I let him know that if he wished to spew insults, I would just forward his email chain to GB support. Haven't heard a peep, since.

I have a fair number of GB transactions, all with A+ feedback. I have had a few transactions on TFL, all with positive feedback. I try to communicate in a courteous manner. This guy was the first jerk I have dealt with, as potential transactions go.

But like I said, so long as I hear no more from this guy, the support question is academic.
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