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SBR and tax stamps, can someone clarify?

I've been doing my homework lately but would like to make sure I'm clear on how the process works. Eventually I would like to build an SBR'ed AR15 (Around the 10 or 12" range), and I know there are some legal hoops and jumps I need to go through so that everything is nice and legal.

From my understanding, I'll need to fill out the appropriate paperwork and pay a $200 tax stamp in order to legally own a SBR firearm. I can't remember if it was for select fire weapons and sound suppressors only that I would need a signature from my local CLEO (I think it may apply for SBR' too)

Is there anything else I need to know? Currently I'm in the state of Utah and they do allow the ownership of SBR' among others, so I know I'll be fine as far as local laws are concerned.

I don't think being in the military really applies here since service members are still bound by local civilian laws if I recall correctly.

Any clarification on this matter would be appreciated (Also possibly any suggestions on where to send a barrel to have it cut down would be appreciated as well.)
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