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"This was originally posted in the BLACK POWDER AND REPLICA forum and was germane to BLACK POWDER REPLICAS that are NOT FIREARMS AS DEFINED BY THE GCA."

That is true, but the subject of this thread -- shipment of guns -- is of interesting to more than just black powder shooters as it goes towards issues that we all may have when trying to ship any kind of gun (including air or gas powered guns) through independent/contracted shipping stores. It's pretty evident that, no matter what the law says as to their status, that the shipping stores are focusing only on the fact that these are guns.

However, to address your concern, the redirect link in the Black Powder forum has been made permanent, instead of the normal 1 week duration.

"This makes many of the comments on the thread prior to it being moved NO LONGER RELEVENT. This includes the comments that I made."

I would say that that is simply not the case.

"Moving it was, in my humble opinion, poorly thought out by the moderators due to the HUGE difference in the laws regarding shipping black powder replicas v/s modern firearms."

Your opinion is noted.
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