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Well I have been preaching to the girls to always keep the garage door shut, and look when they hear a noise out in the front of the house. They are nieve and seem to think that just because we are out in the country that nothing will ever happen. I am starting to convince them otherwise, but it has taken a long time to get them there. It just seems like women refuse to beleive that anybody would really want to harm them. They use to argue with me that there is no crime ever in our area, and nobody would ever hurt us, on and on. They use to think that I was just paranoid which really made me mad. So it has been a tough road to convince 2 women that they need to be aware and on guard. They are both 35 years old, city girls, and have never in their lives been exposed to a violent act, so they just do not understand the mind of a criminal!
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