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Originally Posted by MLeake
AB, I think what 481 was saying that while energy goes up in direct proportion with an increase in mass, it goes up as the square of a velocity increase.

Twice the mass, twice the energy. Twice the velocity, four times the energy. So, if energy is the overriding concern, the answer will typically be to increase velocity, rather than mass.

Momentum goes up in linear fashion with both mass and energy.
If that's what he was saying, he should have said it. However ...

The question in the original post did not ask if we consider velocity or bullet weight to be more important, it asked if we consider velocity or muzzle energy to be more important. Those two come from opposite sides of the equation. Muzzle energy, as has by now been thoroughly explored in this thread, is derived from the bullet weight and the square of the velocity. Those are the two variables, and the muzzle energy is the result -- the product of the equation.

So the original question really asked if we are more concerned with one of the two input factors, or with the output. I am concerned with the output -- especially if one of the two input variables is unknown and is not part of the discussion.
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