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XtremeRevolution, I'll chime in with some of the others and tell you that it's obvious that you've put some thought into your handgun selection. I'll also agree that finding a range where you can fondle handle a few pistols is a really good idea. There are guys on TFL that can tell you more about pistsol construction and ballistic performance than I will likely ever know. That said, none of us can tell you what will feel good in your hand. It's your hand, and your money.

As far as your living in Illinois, well, I'm not an Illinois lawyer, but my (uneducated) understanding is that you'll likely have to have your FOID before you can even handle a gun. One good place to start that process is The admins there do a fine job of compiling information on handgun laws around the country.

Good luck and welcome to The Firing Line!
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