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Well,lot of good info,but where are you hunting,and what time of year?Where I live,winter starts to show up during hunting season.I suggest researching the weather conditions you will enjoy.

A lot of the fine clothing mentioned is not so good if it gets wet.

If you are hunting a place that gets cold,and you need to go low-buck,there are some european military surplus wool pants that are a bargain.If you do not have a local surplus store,look to Cheaper Than Dirt.Even the US Army class"A" pants represent a lighter weight pair of wool pants of good,durable construction.You can also find good wool dress pants ,like from a suit,at Goodwill.A fellow named Harry Roberts used to be the editor of Wilderness Camping magazine,wrote a couple books about winter camping and gearing up."Moving Out" and "Moving On".He describes converting wool dress pants to mountaineering pants.Wool is still warm when wet,dries fast,and is very quiet.

The brown GI polypro underwear is great! Cheap,too.If you can find the green elastic figure 8,across the back suspenders,GI,they are pretty good.If you can find the rivet-on metal buttons from Duluth or Carhart,you can set your britches up for some serious button in suspenders.

I have to go with good,heavy merino wool sox.Not cheap!! but good,oh,check Sierra Trading Post catalogue,Cheyenne,Wyo.

Somehow,have something you can sit on that will keep your butt dry.I have a square of the close cell foam camp mattress.You can use a folded GI poncho,

Last time I went,we backpacked up to 8000 ft plus in the Flat Tops Wilderness in Colorado.I'll try to post a pic of our camp later,but we had a blizzard with lightning on top of us all night,snow higher than my knees in the morning.It was dry pine needles the day before.

Some scenarios,its no big deal,wear anything.If you go to remote high country,it matters.

Good luck! elk hunt e 028.jpg

That pic is me.As I said,dry ground the night before.My two brothers and I back packed up there.We had planned horses,but the friend who was to be our wrangler had chemotherapy to deal with.We did fine,but,given our resources were quite limited,keeping dry was a big deal

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