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My new 147 grain 9mm ammo

I just finished loading 500 rounds of the 147 grain ammo recipe I swtched to, I am very happy with it.

It's the Hornaday 9MM 147 grainHP/XTP, loaded with 6.9 grains of 3N38 powder;(Max Load per manual),in StarLine brass, CCI 500 primers. wound up to be about 1185 fps average, considerably more potent than the 1025 fps.

I thoroughly tested this recipe, I fired a few hundred rounds of it through all of my 9MMs. The last test I did was to buy a bag of range brass and load the same recipe with mixed brass, no problems detected.

The next step is to work up the same recipe with a cast bullet, I am thinking of Berry's 9mm 147 grain plated RN, about $100 per 1000, pretty tough to beat.
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