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Tough 10mm auto expanding bullet?

I was wondering if any of you have found a 40 caliber bullet worthy of the 10mm autos potential such as a semi jacketed soft point in a magnum revolver. I am having trouble keeping hollow points together. I have tried gold dots, xtp, nosler and buffalo boars gold bullet and all have had serious jacket seperation issues at full 10mm velocities (180gr above 1300). I even had the 180gr nosler come apart in thin skined game at 200 yards (I did recover the bullet so it did the job but don't ask). I will say that all have proven more than lethal but I havent tried them on tougher game like pigs over 200 lbs or larger whitetails. If they make expanding hunting bullets for the 357 mag than theres no reason not to make them for 10mm auto. I know that theres the 200-230 grain hard cast gas checks from multiple bullet makers but nothing expanding in a soft point. I do reload and have considered resizing 41 magnum bullets which would be a little too tough but still expand more than say a hard cast swc. I am interested to hear from those of you who have actually used the 10mm for hunting or woods backup.

Thank you.
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