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The terminal ballistics between the SMK and the AMAX are negligible. Thin gilding metal and rapid expansion caused by the open tip or poly tip means fragmentation happens at normal hunting velocities. At normal 308 velocities this fragmentation can happen at ranges beyond 300 meters.

So yes, they will kill things you shoot them with, bullets tend to do that. However, fragmentation leads to blood shot meat, and I don't want to bite into a venison burger to spit out a chunk of lead. We don't mind using BTHPs in our sniper ammunition because you aren't worrying about meat damage...

My advise? Buy a better bullet for hunting, even the lowly Speer Hotpour bullets, Rem Corelokts, and Winchester PowerPoints will have better weight retention than any of the match bullets on the market. And if your rifle can toss a match bullet that tight, there is no reason to accept anything less than MOA from a hunting bullet.

If you want to keep your ballistics the same between your match load and hunting load, get some "Combined Technologies" Ballistic Silvertip bullets. The BC is close enough that you won't notice a difference.

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