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Hmmmm, I'm a little confused about this situation. It seems KS has a preemption law about OC, which went into effect in 2007. I can't find anything about grandfathering, but if the Overland Park ban was 5 years ago that roughly coincides with the preemption. Either way, it's good to see the town falling in line with the state law.

I don't think it gives you a distinct advantage or disadvantage in regards to a potential aggressor. There's a possibility that maybe you'll be a target because of it or maybe they'll avoid you because it. I don't think there's enough evidence either way to say one happens more than the other. Anecdotally I would suspect you'd find more stories about potential bad guys turning the other way, than some guy jumped me while I was OCing stories. But I don't think those are definitive evidence.

I live in a state where OC is legal and relatively accepted(and technically allowable in more places than CC). I CC because it's generally easier, even though in the times I OC or have been with OC people there's never been an issue.
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