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More info on USP Compact

So, I had a thread before on the USP Compact asking if it was worth the $800-1K pricetag. Universally, it seems to be a resounding 'hell yeah!' Well, I guess the gods heard my dilemma, and delivered a pristine USP-C at Gander Mtn. when I was poking around there earlier today for $649.

Since it seems to be that getting a USP is a no-brainer, I'm now faced with if this deal at this exact moment is a good one. I can tell it's a 1998 production by the 'KI' on the side. The original finish is pristine; I don't think it was ever carried. There's no wear or shiny edges. The feedramp looked great, and the magazines (which it comes with two) are also in great condition. I've got it on hold and will probably take it all the way apart before plunking down any cash on it. It's also got a set of trijicons, but I'm fairly certain they're dead, because when I put my hand over them, there's hardly any glow left, and even my Mepros glow when I put my hand over them.

Pretty much it boils down to if a '98, good-looking, USP-C is worth $649. I'm leaning towards 'yes'
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