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There seems to be some confusion here about "forward vs rearward cant". I would generally consider the forward cant to be "muzzle forward", which is the attitude that most all fast draw rigs used when I was shooting in the early '60's. The earlier post showing Ray Chapman, Thell Reed, Eldon Carl, Jack Weaver, and Cooper is in fact showing the rigs they wore at the time. I know. I shot with SWCPL (later SWPL) for several years with these guys, and shot the Leatherslap in Big Bear several times around '61-64. Sorry to say, with the exception of Thell Reed (and possibly Eldon Carl), I think they are all gone now. By the way, with the exception of a few guys using the Weaver stance or something similar, most of us shot live ammo at those 10" steel plates from just over the top of the holster. My gun of choice was a modified 1911 in .45ACP carried in an Andy Anderson "Gunfighter" walk and draw rig, which I think is the same one Ray Chapman is wearing in that photo above. Anderson died several years ago, but I understand that Victor Perez, who was Anderson's understudy, is still making them in the same style. He's somewhere in Burbank, Ca.
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