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First, congratulation on your choice of caliber. For home and personal defense it is my caliber of choice. I alternate 147 grain FMJ and hollow points to cover all bases.

Regarding your comments on 1911, a warning . Do not waste your money on 1911 in 9mm. I know, been there and done that.

My thinking was: why not have the most popular handgun model in the world chambered in the most popular caliber in the world. Why not have a defense gun, that is cheap to practice with and yet really cool to look at?

I bought a Para 18.9, a beautiful gun and well made, unfortunately even after 500 rounds a got FTE every 5-8 rounds. I went through numerous problem solving steps but it never got better. I really hated to trade that gun away but I did because it was not reliable. I then tried a RIA 1911A2 with a 9mm double stack. In spite that it cost 2/3 of the Para it actually was a little less prone to FTE, but still got a couple FTE with each mags. It wasn't nearly as well made or sexy as the Para. One day while trying to problem solve at the range one of the older members told me that he had similar experience a few years earlier. Except his was a single stack 9mm 1911. He also gave up on a 9mm 1911. Another guy said that his friend had a Kimber 1911 in 9mm that was totally reliable. I did not see it.

So now I have a couple 1911 in 45 cal and they work beautifully. Totally reliable. And I have several 9mm (Glock, Sig, XDm9, Keltec, Beretta, etc..). So my advice to you is get yourself a good reliable 9mm that will serve as your defense gun. and when you get some loose money get yourself a cool 1911.

By the way, for what is worth, you can pay more but you are not going to find an overall better gun then a G17 or G19 or G34. I know I tried and I'm still spending money trying to.
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