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What homework do you get done while at the range?

If your like me, its a treat when the planets align and I get to make it up to put some lead downrange...

What do you typically like to get done while at the range? With the cost of ammo, Im curious on what drills you like to hammer through to keep your skills sharp.

At least twice a year, I like to get in 2 box drills per scope I own to validate my zero and ensure one click means one click.

With handguns, I do alot of holster work. This depends alot on summer vs winter carry rigs, and how I plan to implement those.

Regarding 22lr, I seldom go to the range without bringing up the walmart brick of 550...and have actually really tried to get a 22 "clone" of each of my full calibers...IE, I have a GSG 1911 in 22 to match my 3 1911s I have in 45...point being to match the safety, drawing, holstering, etc...I have same with my ARs and Glocks. Hard to beat plinking and its always good to incorporate some good work while at play.

So Im curious what others enjoy doing while at the range...

OH, and BTW, I found a cheaper, lighter, easier set up (and biodegradable) alternative that steel...I have found some clay-pigeon target hangers that clip onto a 3/16 inch dowel rod or rope...instant gratification of busting a clay, and I get 90 shots for $5.99. Although, I do like the sound of hitting steel.

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