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I'm having computer problems, so I haven't been able to reply. Not sure if I got it fixed yet.

Thanks Justice06RR for pics, and to Metal god for links, and for everyone's reply. I've got a lot going on, and haven't had time to research optics a lot yet. But, I mainly got this for home defense, and otherwise. And, depending on 11/06/12, there could very well be a whole lot of "Otherwise".

So, I'm kinda thinking that maybe a red dot would suffice best. I kinda like the looks, and the Features, and Specs of it and price of the one at:

I need to study a little more first, but, it seems to fit the bill. Like I said, I think I'll be using it more for close up shots than long range.

Once again, I really appreciate all your replies, you've all been a great resource for me!! Any, and all welcome! Thanks!

EDIT: I just realized this is a "Magnified" scope. I was thinking it was a "Red Dot, when I posted this. Like I said I need to do more reviewing, but, I do still like this one.

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