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I think most of us suffer from the "addiction" of owning more than one handgun . . . and usually in more than one caliber. What's perfect for one person isn't for the next as we all have our own requirements. That being said . . I figure that if a person had to get rid of all of his handguns but one . which one would he choose to keep? The "keeper" might not fit all the points of being "perfect" . . . but for the individual, it probably would be the closest to being his "individual perfect handgun" . . . even though I'm sure it would lack something that he would wish for. In essence though . . . there can never be a "perfect handgun". We all have our own needs/tastes/requirements . . . and because of that, there will never be a "perfect" handgun, rifle, car, house or woman for that fact. I will add though though that I've been blessed in being married to a wonderful wife for 40 years who for me, is the closest thing to "perfect" . . . plus she puts up with my gun buying addiction.
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