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According to the maker, the main ingredient in "nose jammer" is vanilin, a by product of the pulp industry. Since the demand for Vanilin far exceeds the supply of natural vanilin found in the vanilla bean, the majority of vanilla flavoring is now synthesized. This same Lignin based Vanilin used for "Nose Jammer" was once the primary source for vanilla flavoring used by ice cream, chocolate and candy manufacturers along with the Vanilla extract your wife has in the cupboard. Due to health and environmental issues it is no longer used for that purpose. Surprisingly, Vanilin has been the base for many deer attractant scents for many years. Anybody that ever used the old "acorn" scent knows it smelled heavily of vanilla. It too worked well till the deer got used to it. Vanilla extract itself was a popular cover scent years ago before commercial cover scents were popular or readily available. I used it myself regularly as a kid bowhunting 45 years ago. I'm thinkin' the "Nose Jammer" folks have put an old trick in a new can and even tho they are getting the now otherwise unsellable by-product for little of nuttin', are chargin' $15 for a spray can with the same amount you can buy at your local grocery store in a little glass bottle for $4. Since the maker is a outfitter/guide and not a chemist/scientist I doubt if there is much, if any alteration or restructuring of the chemical makeup other than a little CO-2 for propellant.
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