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Need some advice on a new handgun

Hey there! I've been lurking this site for a little while and decided it was time to register here.

I've decided I need a handgun for a more secure home defense weapon. My 30-30 winchester that my father gave me when I was 18 (I'm 26 now) just doesn't seem to be appropriate for this purpose.

As with many large purchases, I prefer to do my research, and in this case, I will spend more time researching than I did when I bought my car. I've talked to several people about my options and I wanted to ask you guys what you would recommend.

I want something that I could confidently use in an emergency situation. God forbid that situation might ever occur, but I'd prefer to be safe than sorry. I'm also beginning to take disaster preparedness more seriously in light of economic and political turmoil, but that's a different discussion. This gun would need to be a handgun naturally so I can access it easily.

Along with having something for home defense, I also want something that won't cost me a fortune to shoot at a range. I've shot pistols before (used to spend a few weekends here and there with my father's .44 mag), and would like to be able to target practice often. That kinda puts the .45 round out of the equation. The need for something capable also eliminates the .22.

From the people I've spoken to, this leaves me with a 9mm round. I am under the impression that it would work well for my purposes.

My budget is $400-$700. I would prefer not to spend more, but I could squeeze in $800 if I had some accessories with it. I'd like to purchase it new, but would entertain the idea of purchasing it used from a reputable source. I would like to have the ability to mount a "laser pointer" as well. I don't recall the technical term for it.

I don't like the Glock very much purely due to appearance. I do like the 1911 and have held one before, finding it quite comfortable. Someone also recommended a Sig p229. I have little knowledge of firearms, but I have been told that Kimber and Springfield are great brands. I'm not partial to any specific brand, but I want something that doesn't need any gunsmith tweaking, and will work excellently "out of the box,"with a reputation for relability. I'd like to keep it for a long time.

I'm in the state of Illinois; Will county to be specific. I'm not sure what steps I will need to take to purchase and own a gun here, but I am aware that I will need a FOID card. Is there a specific license I will need as well?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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