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My lrx 175 tests

Finally got some tests completed with the Barnes LRX 175gn for 308 Win.

Savage 10 Precision Carbine (20" tapered semi-heavy barrel)
Lake City Brass
CCI BR2 Primers
IMR 8208 XBR
Barnes LRX 175gn bullets

I was using Lapua brass but kept encountering feeding issues. Tracked it down to concentricity but with my very expensive brass! For the sake of it I thought I try the Lake City brass (which is thicker but still well made). Worked great and at a quarter the cost (once fired)!

Not only that the LC brass had more consistent speeds compared to the few Lapua that I was able to chamber.

FPS LC brass - 2652/2659 (42.5 gn XBR)
FPS Lapua brass - 2636/2673

Got about 0.4-0.7" groups off a bipod, with 42.5gn XBR. With the CFE 223 for comparison (at 47.0gn), there was a huge difference, over 1MOA.

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