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Good Sunday at the range,,,

I took another newbie to the range,,,
And no, it wasn't a pretty young girl from my watering hole.

It was a Ph.D. Professor from OSU,,,
A school head from the Geology department.

He isn't a complete newbie to firearms,,,
He was an officer in the U.S. Navy for several years,,,
He served for 20 years in the Naval Reserve in some capacity.

He told me he hadn't held a pistol in 15 years.

I set the targets at 15 yards,,,
Showed him how to load a Colt Frontier Scout,,,
His first shot he took slow aim and nailed a 1" bullseye,,,
Then proceeded to put the next five rounds in a very tight cluster around the first shot.

Dang!,,, said I.

Next he shot a Dakota SAA clone in .38 Special,,,
Pretty much the same results,,,
A nice tight group.

Next I handed him my Model 18,,,
I explained how double-action guns worked,,,
His first six rounds were all double action and fell into a 3" group.

Then he repeated that type of performance with my Model 15.

The real shooting started when I handed him one of my 22/45 Mk-III pistols,,,
"This feels more like what I shot while in the reserve." he said,,,
Then proceeded to tear the center out of a new target.

He shot a 100 round pack of Mini Mags,,,
Almost all of the shots were within a 3" circle.

The last gun he shot that day was my CZ-75B in 9mm,,,
"I like the way this gun feels." he said to me,,,
Then he tore the center out of the target.

The man is a natural shooter,,,
I was very impressed.

I held my own against him with the .22's,,,
But he shot my CZ 9mm like it was made for him.

I know he had a nice afternoon shooting my guns,,,
But I doubt he'll take shooting up as a sport,,,
He just wanted to try shooting a few.

In a way though it's too bad,,,
He was channeling some old west gunfighter.


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