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I'm amazed nobody mentioned the Darling of the Gun Writers...the Marlin X-7!

Even during all the trouble Marlin's had switching the plants over, the X-7's have maintained their quality...

Sub-MOA starting at $299...Adjustable target trigger (Profire), pillar bedded at the factory, factory recoil pad, fluted bolt, button-rifled barrel...
the list goes on...

Even on the Marlin forums, issues are Rare...usually owner-stupidity & bad reloads...

Bottom line, it'll shoot better for less cost, which leaves you room to hook up a really nice scope!!

My next purchase will be an X-7VH in .308!! Heavy Barrel Goodness for $350!!
BINGO! I have one in .270 and it is amazing. Would put it up against anything on this list.

Here is a good link:

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