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Again, your comparisons aren't useful. There's a big difference in body mass between a rabbit (cottontail or jack) and a human.
There is not a big difference between the body mass of a deer or hog and a human, though, and there is still a significant difference in the amount of damage done.

As for credentials, they are great but simply saying "pistol bullets" is like saying a Vespa, a Fatboy, and a Hayabusa are bikes or that an S10 and a Peterbuilt are trucks. They are very different things and a 147 grain 9mm fmj and a 125 grain 357 magnum hp from a 6" barrel are different things.

Also, different types of tissue react very differently. I have shot hogs with a 30-06 whose lungs were turned to mush but the heart was unharmed. I once shot a rat with a 300 grain xtp mag. It literally exploded and it's heart stuck to a buddy's jeans and was in one piece. There is also what happens when bullets strike bone and the bone fragments cause additional damage. There are lots of variables.

One thing doesn't change though. Work cannot be done without energy, period. Therefore, damage must come from the combination of having enough energy and using that energy effectively. That is a very simple fact. What you are trying to debate and where the real debate lies is just how effectively that energy is used. I have said from the beginning that is a major variable and that larger bullets are generally more efficient at doing so.
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