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Some thoughts on guns and loads for wild birds.....

Pheasant hunters do a lot of walking. That A 5 might seem a bit heavy three ridges away from the truck.

Brister,et al, suggested most folks would find 7 lbs as a practical ceiling on an uplander. I personally find that shotguns lighter than 6 lbs are hard to shoot well, so let's aim for in between.

IMO, big loads are called for here. I like 1 1/4 oz of 5s, and that means 12 gauge. I have seen plenty of ringnecks harvested with 7/8 oz of 7 1/2s, but those were closer shots than some of us see much.

Action type? Whatever floats your boat. I recall one jack pine savage long ago whose weapon of choice was an old "Long Tom" cut back to about 30" and with a Polychoke installed. He was deadly with it.

Chokes? For all around use, Mod is hard to beat.
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