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Shouldn't be an issue. Lube them, if necessary, to push the rim through, but it should size down. If you've ever run a .45 cases into .44 dies before by mistake, you'll know even thicker brass near the head can move a few thousandths with no problem. All you're worried about is not getting the rim so small the extractor can't drag it out of the chamber, and the FCD ring shouldn't make it that small.

Of course, if you're trying for bull's eye match loads, that smaller diameter reduces coaxiality of bullet alignment with the bore. For steel plates it should be meaningless, but for a 50 yard X-ring, you don't want to bet on it. But then, bull's eye target shooting loads are normally too mild to cause bulging in the first place, unless your chamber mouth's been significantly recut during accuracy work.
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