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Just buy a Hogue grip or Talon grips.
Hogue grips add finger grooves which makes them illegal for USPSA Production unless the gun already had them. Talon grips have the "sandpaper" feel to them that I don't particularly care for - I like rubber better.

Nothing to it really - just take a section of tube ($5 at wally world) - I try to find a bit with no writing on it - and cut more than you'll need. Stretch it onto the gun with overhang. The overhang portion will be pretty tight and at that point you can just use a razor to carefully trim the excess.

Cheaper than Hogue or Talon and works better for my purposes. I've done this on both my M&P that I use in USPSA as well as my CZ-52 (that one mainly just because the factory grip attachment lets the panels wiggle too much).
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