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You mean the Taurus 22-PLY?

There is the .22-PLY and the 25-PLY,,,
Mine are great performers.

The .22 is 8 plus 1,,,
The .25 is 9 plus 1.

It takes a good grip to rack the slide,,,
Since it doesn't have an extractor,,,
It still won't eject a dud round.

So if you do get a dud cartridge,,,
It's time consuming to get a new round in the barrel.
  • Flip up the barrel to throw out the dud round.
  • Close the barrel.
  • Rack the slide (takes a good grip).

  • Flip up the barrel to throw out the dud round.
  • Drop the mag to get a loose round from it.
  • Reinsert the magazine.
  • Place the new round in the barrel.
  • Close the barrel

I absolutely love my 22-PLY and 25-PLY,,,
But for older arthritic hands,,,
Revolvers may be better.


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