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I will preface my post by saying that I really like a 6.5-06, I had one years ago and it shot really well. For match shooting, I would always choose the round that will give me the desired muzzle velocity with the least amount of powder, as this will reduce recoil, and by the end of a match the recoil can really add up. A quick check of reloading data shows that the 264 WinMag uses about 15% more powder than the 6.5-06 to achieve the same velocity with any bullet weight. That same reloading data shows that the 264 Win Mag achieves only about 100 fps more velocity than the 6.5-06 with any given bullet weight but with a 2" longer barrel. I don't see much gain to going with the mag, so I would recommend the 6.5-06 with a 26" or longer barrel.
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