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Look at Larry Moore's test of inexpensive 22 LR's in the Dec 1956 issue of Gun's Magazine.

At Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Larry Moore tested every prospective service rifle from the late 40's up through the 60's. He also was a Nationally ranked competitive shooter.

I printed this issue and gave it to someone who shot with Larry Moore. He pointed at the scope on page 19 and said "I have that scope!".

I bought this Sears Ranger Rifle in 1976, it was made before WWII, probably 1937-39. I had it scoped in the 80’s. It is a prewar Stevens M416 sold by Sears. I decided to shoot it at the end of a 1600 point small bore prone match, just for the heck, and this is how I did with it at 50 yards. With practice I believe I could shoot a 200 with it. These older rimfires will shoot very well, this one has caused the untimely end of a number of squirrels.

If I'm not shooting, I'm reloading.

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