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Originally Posted by iraiam
I saw a couple at the gun show on Sunday, Russian SKS all matching serial numbers, they looked to be in un-issued condition, priced at $595!? I guess they were nice, but I don't buy firearms to look at them, he's probably selling to collectors.
Probably is aiming at collectors... the Russian ones are rather nice, but with the SKS in general getting more expensive those have risen along with the rest. At that price you either want that specific type of rifle or you'll give it a miss in favor of an AK, Mini, or AR.

Originally Posted by iraiam
I must have a setting wrong, I am missing the standard quote button.
Nope, this board doesn't have that option. You can highlight the text you wish to quote and copy it (ctrl+c), then when you get into the reply window, you hit the button that looks like a quote balloon. That will put the markers for a quote in the text box- go in between the bracketed QUOTE identifiers and paste in the text (ctrl+v). If you want to modify it so it identifies who actually said it (like I just did), then in the first part where it has QUOTE in brackets, add "=USERNAME" where USERNAME is the person who said it (don't add the quote marks).
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