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I shot an "old cow" elk once in Wyoming-worst tasting, toughest elk meat we ever had.
The guide indicated I should shoot the biggest one which I did. Big in profile but not very wide.
I do not know what anyone means when they don't refer to their Elk meat as being tough-FFFFFF!

We have brought Elk meat back many times and it matters not what size, they were all tough-FFF!
This old cow is ground up and that is just fine because I love ground Elk.
I did have the store where i brought it run a few steaks through the chopper that they use to make a cube steak. I had some venison given to me last fall, as I didn't score, that was done like that and it was GRAND. I am kind of savoring the thought of a grilled Elk steak that might not exhaust me.
As for Guide, not for me.
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