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His book should be required reading, but it should not be considered the bible on LE gun carry or use.
I cannot argue with that, inasmuch as I have not seen a Jordan holster or a revolver on a Law Enforcement person in a long time. Our State Cops (Michigan) carry Sigs, and most of the others carry Glocks. None I know of carry Revolvers these days. So there is no danger of his book/method/holster will be considered the bible on LE carry.
A few days after these posts, I was watching an episode of "Cops" on TV, and one of the officers was carrying a revolver (have not seen modern cops witout autos before), as his duty gun and during a take-down, it fell on the ground. At first he thought that the perp had dropped it, then realized (as he stated later), that his unrestrained (ala Jordan), gun had fallen out of its holster during the scuffle and could have been picked up by the perp. So it would seem that Jordan's advice about not having the safety strap snapped could have undesirable consequences in a modern duty scenario.
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