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Bob Wright
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I, for one, like the cartridge and the guns that are chambered for it. Most .357 Magnums are mid-sized revolvers that don't require the larger and heavier frames of the .44~.45 revolvers. Unfortunately Ruger dropped the mid-size frame with the coming of the New Models, but understand the New Model Flat Tops are mid-sized.

Here is one of two Three Screw Models I found, for $200 each, advertised in the want ads. It had the Ruger Conversion added, which I was able to replace.

The other was converted to .44 Special, but have done very little to this one, except to fit a steel grip frame and ejector rod housing and replace the conversion unit.

Bob Wright

P.S. The steel grip frame was fitted in my shop and cold blued, pending further professional wok on the gun. Still waitiing for that to happen. And the grips that came on the gun were badly worn and cracked, these are take-offs from another Ruger. Expect to replace these in the future with something from CaryC.
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