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Days of yore...

I agree with a few of the recent posts.
If you were going to travel from the USA to places unknown or "denied areas"(a common intel-military-spy term) in the 1920s/1930s/1940s, a large caliber DA/SA revolver like a S&W model 27 .357magnum, a 1917 .45acp or a .45LC would be smart. Semi auto ammunition wasn't like it is now. High tech JHPs & well made handgun rounds were not always available.
I wouldn't want to face any angry natives or a big tiger with a .38spl model 10 snub or a semi-auto .380acp that would jam a lot.
PS; The Mummy films did have many cool firearms & weapons of the era.
Another good action/crime drama with a lot of guns is; Last Man Standing with Bruce Willis. He uses a brace of 1911a1 pistols with a leather rig.
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