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I am not sure what you mean by "swivel" bracket.

Are you talking about the extracter?

Are you shooting reloads or factory loads?

Got a picture of the condition you are describing?

Factory loads should feed just fine and if the bolt is stiff, it may not be fully worked in yet.

Is the bolt stiff to close with no round loaded?

I have some bolt rifles that I have had for thirty years and the bolt is still a very snug fit.

One thing you can try is remove the bolt and work in some white lithium grease.

Reinstall the bolt work open and close it. . .a lot. That should smooth things up.

I don't know how your rifle is set up but rifles like my old Remington 700 does not chamber rounds that are just layed in the breech. To feed, the rounds must be pushed down into the magazine.

My newer 700P does not have that issue at all. Depends on the rifle.

If this issue has just started, I would suspect faulty sized reloads or lack of lubrication.

I have not checked but I suspect your rifle is a controlled feed as opposed to push feed.

In a push feed system, the round can be placed in the breech and the bolt will load the round and the extracter will engage the rim upon loading.

A controlled feed system will allow the magazine follower to push the round up into the extracters before the round is loaded and will keep the round in close contact with the bolt face until the round is fired.

You will have a problem trying to load a round in a controlled feed system unless you first push the round down into the magazine well.


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