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One reason folks don't come back - esp. males, is that they may have thought they were intuitive and cracker jack shots and find out they are not.
I've seen that a million times. Not just in IDPA, but in all shooting venues, and not just with cops although they are well represented in that group.

Ego is a huge roadblock to learning to shoot, not only in competition but training. Many fail to get the training because their ego wont let them find out just how much they don't know or can't do.

We are a very supportive group with no range tyrants or blusterers
I haven't shot with your group but I've shot all over the country, and I found that to be true just about everywhere, in every shooting venue.

Added to that, it seems like the best, most experienced shooters are the first one's to take a new shooter under their wings, helping them to get started, and making them feel welcome.

Every time I show up at a new place, I find three things ALWAYS happens:

1: I have fun
2: I learn something

And best of all

3: I meet new friends

I don't care if its IDPA, ICORE, High Power, Bullseye..............any type of shooting its always the same.

I'm not a cop any more, I'm not a soldier anymore, I'm just an old man who enjoys shooting and enjoys shooters.

I don't care if I win, I only care if I learned enough to beat MY last scores, and I want to meet and visit with others like mined people.

I'll relate a story that occurred a couple matches ago at one of the clubs I shoot with, that explains why I like shooters.

It was a falling plate match where we shot both CF and RF.

A friend of mine, and one of our clubs better shooters shows me an old 22 revolver someone gave him to fix. A real piece of junk.

I like revolvers and shoot them in most matches regardless how slow I am to reload compared to hi cap mag auto loaders.

I'm shooting my Model 18 Smith, so I challenge him to use that old revolver in the 22 match. We're shooting head to head, double elimination.

I should have held my own anyway but he was a better shooter, but where I beat him was in reloads, I reloaded mine, no problem, when he started to reload his revolver, hit the ejector the cylinder flew out and on the ground.

He laughs harder then I did. Now this allowed his wife to win the RF event and she didn't let him forget it.

To me, late in life, this is what shooting is about, fun and the comradeship.

It's much more fun laughing at my screw ups (and I still make my share) then gloating over my successes.

No one remembers your perfect score, but they always remember the time you shot all the hostage targets and let the bad guy targets go..............(yeap I've done that really helps to keep that story going with my fellow shooters knowing I was a LE Sniper).
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