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I've never heard of CRC 3-36 but I did a quick search. It sounds like a great penetrator for frozen parts, but the flip side to that is that because it has low surface tension it will migrate fairly quickly leaving your pistol with no lubrication at all.

My father-in-law who is a chemical engineer from MIT and spent his whole carreer with Exxon dealing with lubrication issues from warships to conveyor belts in mining (dirty) applications. He liked to say that nothing is new in lubrication and it's all in the combination of delivery "packages".

Automotive applications are far more demanding then any small arms. If you think about it, a car piston does around 3,000 revolutions per minute. It's like you PX-4 firing 3,000 rounds a minute. So my advice is stop looking for "new" products, use what's comonly available.

I like using marine greases from the auto parts store because they are white, won't get my hands black. They are also cheap, a 12oz tube for $2 will last a few years. Exposure to salty sea air is the greatest source of rust on the planet. So rust resistant and lubrication is what they are designed for.
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