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AnIn truth the maximum length of barrel needed to create max velocity for bullet and bot create loss of propulsion is the 22 ,so for accuracy and distance shooting with id do it if its what you want. I like the long barrel look and with brass stacker mount i can still use irons while i have a scope, just in case i damage the scope as i do tactical and wilderness shooting matches with it. I will get the ft stock from boyd as i like the stability and its good for heat displacement due to the high amount of rounds i but out.(like 500 per shooting match and doing so tends to cause my stock to sweat its sealant and stain. But for low amount under 200 its ok. My project is to make a mosin that is interchangeable between standard and sport with no gunsmithing needed. Your project is more permanent just be aware that what your doing cant be undone,so make sure its what you really want because if anything is damaged it will be costly to repair.

If my wording is off sorry i am half asleep
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