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In a defensive rd for a handgun which is more important to consider....muzzle velocity or muzzle energy?
After mulling this over for a few days,,,,,I came to the conclusion that muzzle energy is either there or it isn't - there's not a lot I can do about that figure.

I go with muzzle velocity as being the more important of the two.

When I handload a round, I always have a specific velocity figure in mind that I want to hit.
I don't recall ever starting out to work up a load based on muzzle energy.

OTOH though,,,,the OP specified defensive rd. - not handloads or hunting loads.
There again though,,,I always look at the velocity of a particular round before I look at the muzzle energy.
The second thing I look at is the bullet weight.
I expect a high velocty to translate into a higher energy figure - which is why I say, it's either there or it isn't.
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