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A little Hammer problem.

I inspect and clean all my rifles once a year whether they need it or not. This occasion it was my T/C hawken 54s turn last night. It didn't really need to be cleaned. But as I said, it was its turn. Besides dealing with its barrel. This time I took all its firing mechanisms apart for a look see with a light oiling in mind. I noticed something I haven't seen before. Inside its hammer cup it appears to have some corroding going on. And may well be spreading over to its cups sidewalls.{I never dry fire. And have only used CCI Mag #11s on top of Knight Hot Shot nipples since day one.} So I cleaned the cup good with 50/50 water mix of Ballistol and lightly oiled with CLP (no old copper jackets were found) so why the corrosion? Is there a coating other than CLP I can apply in the cup itself to slow or stop this corrosion problem altogether?
Any and all comments are welcome.
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