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I've bought and sold two of the 9mm pistols, not because they didn't work, but because a cousin and brother needed something quick, inexpensive and reliable. And they're both still going strong. I also had and sold a .45 JHP pistol, no problems, just another friend in need. The .45 is still running fine as well.

I still have 3 HP carbines; a 995 I bought in '06 and put the ATI stock on, a 4095 with an improvised bar on the old Planet of the Ape stock to hold a bipod and rail for VFG, and the newer style TS 4595. I have fired both the 995 & 4095 thousands of rounds and love them. The 4595 has only had a couple hundred through and sits in the safe along with my whole collection these days. I don't get to shoot nearly as much as I used to.

Bottom line, even though I own/have owned everything from XCR, HK, DSA FAL, Busmaster, XD, Calico, Taurus, Bond Arms, Kel-Tec, AK, Saiga and on and on. The Hi-Points, though ugly and heavy, hold their own for what they are and have been less trouble than some of the ones costing $1500+. They are a great value IMHO and have the BEST CS in the industry! Lifetime, no matter which owner you are, and made in America. My opinion is; Don't knock 'em til you've tried 'em.
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