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Response to Ideal

Thanks for the wink back.

I use the Lee press which has the priming fixture. It is the three hole press that is going for 70.00 to 80.000 depending upon where you get it. I bought coupla four hole turrets for it. I have been using it on all of the primers thus far. Used properly it pushes the primers home uniformly. But I can't say what the depth is.

Because I was not certain about the seating of the primers, I took fifty rounds with the primers already seated with the press and used the Auto-Primer to push them in until they were fully seated.

There was no difference in the performance of the ammunition primed with only the press in comparisonwith the ammunition that had the primers seated deeper with the Autoprimer.

I am going to try these Federal Primers and I am going to load some of the rounds handling the primers with my ungloved hands. I will then do a second batch with the primers handled only with latex glove. I have been working pretty clean and I don't think I am contaminating the primers by touching them with my fingers. But I am new to this environment and there is much I don't know.

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